Oncorace Technologies is a pioneer in providing complete range of  medical radiation  services and medical physics support  for cancer centers, hospitals and diagnostic imaging facilities. We are specialised  in establishing Cancer Hospitals, Radio surgery centres, Radiology Imaging facilities, Radiation research facilities and Nuclear Medicine facilities. Our service areas are Radiation Oncology, Radiosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiation safety Accreditation, Licensing and medical Physics. Specialists from  area of Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Radiosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Safety and Regulatory Compliance holds backbone of Oncerace. We are updated with technical advancements so as to bring an economical, out of the box service. A best in offering health service is our prime motto.

Oncorace technologies  implemented a platform for offering complete medical  physics dosimetry  and technology solutions to challenging economy like South Asia. This is in order to avail complete health service to people in various categories. For that, a collaboration with major  healthcare organisations in Asia Pacific region as well as North America was enabled. Our multidisciplinary team  provide cost effective and reliable services through  highly qualified professionals as they specializes in complex problems and modalities and their diverse backgrounds and top- notch training result in superior diagnostic and therapeutic  capabilities and an unequaled breath of expertise.